Introducing One More Stir

For me it’s usually a cup of jasmine green tea.  Perhaps your daily cup is a rich long black; a tall milky latte; a two-bag hit of English breakfast; a calming camomile or a lemon in hot water. Perhaps you don’t like hot drinks at all.  We all have different tastes, yearnings, hankerings, needs. I happen to be pretty finicky about my tea. Must be loose leaf, must be steeped in a mesh strainer, not too strong and I don’t like mugs or cups that are too thick. It feels funny on my mouth.  And that’s ok. The way I have my tea doesn’t affect you or anyone else (except perhaps if I ask someone to make it in my oh-so particular way).  The point is we are all experiencing the world we share differently.  On my curly journey to this very point in time, I’ve come to believe that it’s OK to differ, but it is also ok to share. It is never OK to force. It is important not to judge (yet sometimes we can’t help it). So with these musings, I offer you to share in my thoughts as I have them.

‘One More Stir’ will be about anything and everything. Tea (obviously), sushi (was going to write cake but sushi is much more apt as I don’t even like cake and am a sushi addict), family, friends, life, love, current events that touch me and you my dear readers. I don’t claim to be an expert on anything at all other than the noise inside my head. Everyone is an expert on their own noise. I suppose I am just hoping that by sharing mine I may just strike a gentle chord with  one, two, three… some folk and give you  a moment where you feel connected, relieved or just happy. It’s not a huge world-dominating goal, but a little connection with another soul is good enough for me – better actually.

You may be wondering about the name of my blog – ‘One More Stir’. Well there is the tea reference again. (I hope you don’t get sick of it too quickly – I drink about 10 cups a day so get used to it!). While I write I will always have a cup of tea by my side and I imagine you sitting down to read my posts as you sip your cup of choice. There’s also a reference to my take on a subject or issue, or me ‘stirring the pot’ so to speak. These days it’s quite hard to write about something completely new – most things have been inspired or derived from somewhere. I’m not positioning myself as providing ground-breaking news or amazing revelational subject matter. These are just my thoughts.

To those who have followed the path I have travelled so far online or offline or read my articles wherever they have been published – thank you for taking the time to visit me here.

From one mama who has been around the block, through a few tunnels, up some mountains and floated into the present…. I hope you enjoy what I have to post here. And I hope you take time to enjoy it with a cup of something delicious. I know I certainly will.

Be well




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