About Me

Sitting down to write the ‘About Me’ section for this blog with my signature cup of jasmine green has instantly aroused a waterfall of emotions. Right now I am smiling. How the hell do I define myself in a short synopsis for you that capture where I have come from, where I am now and why I am writing the specific and not so specific non-ramblings that you will find here? Here’s my effort to do just that….

I am a wife, mother, writer, business owner, loyal friend, daughter, sister, listener, nurturer, talker, advocate, stress ball and extremist. I do what I say I will whether it is to make you a cup of tea, start a business or have a child even thought I physically can’t. My current goals in life are few but fundamental: First and foremost to be the best wife and mother that I can be and to put my family above all else. Secondly, to help myself to become physically and emotionally the best I can be always, despite my limitations. Thirdly to inspire others to do the same, if they so choose.

Right now that’s through my blog – One More Stir. I hope you come here to read my own, raw personal truths and take away something that resonates with some small part of you. If it makes you smile, makes you feel understood or make you see things in a new light then I’ll be content.

In the future, perhaps this goal will morph into larger and different forms. But for now – a few words for you my readers.  Happy scrolling.

I suppose ‘About Me’ might indicate I should divulge a bit about my background. Well it’s colourful and varied, happy and sad. I’ll tell you that.  I’m sure you will get to know me through my posts. For now how about a few cliff notes? My career has been in marketing, writing and fashion. I’ve battled and continue to conquer a chronic illness. The birth of my daughter by a wonderful altruistic surrogate last year was the greatest day of my life and I cherish the entire experience like I can’t describe. My husband is my soul mate. Through these special people and our journey together I have come to understand true love, loyalty, compassion and am starting to understand calm.

I think that’s it for now. No big-noting with links to other articles and achievements. You can find them if you like but I am just really pleased to have you here.



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